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What Is This?

One Shot World is a hack of Dungeon World that removes most of the long-form mechanics and replaces them with simple rules designed to facilitate one-shots and short campaigns. 

What's Changed?

  • Playbooks have been simplified down to just a few background and core moves, as well as a few optional advances.
  • One Shot World uses the standard Dungeon World basic moves, though some have been tweaked to facilitate a shorter game.
  • Alignment and Bonds are replaced with questions that serve a similar function.
  • Rations and encumbrance are gone, and wealth and equipment are simplified.
  • Racial moves have been removed in favor of a playbook-specific backgrounds, which provide a package of ability score bonuses, moves and starting equipment.

Included are the core rules, playkit & playbooks, starters and supplements intended to make your one shots shine! 

This game is (and always will be) FREE OF CHARGE. 

Cover art: Greg Soper


OSW_Playbooks.pdf 892 kB
OSW Print Instructions.pdf 641 kB
One Shot World Core Rules.pdf 19 MB
One Shot World Core Rules-booklet.pdf 19 MB

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