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One of my all time favorite things to print and hand out to IRL nerds when they start asking me about DIY d&d. I have given this away many times. I love this thing you made.


Hi, great job, I'd really like to make a French translation of the game if it's ok with you? Do you have by any chance a plaintext version of the game to make the work easier? 

You are welcome to make a translation. I don't have a plaintext version but I'm happy to share the individual files (I made it in Google Draw).  You can copy the text from each page.

Even better... Now i will be able to easily stick to the original layout :)

Hi, I wonder... Why are some pages on the drive not present in the final pdf ? For example "Players Moves" ?

I think I ended up cutting them. I don't remember, it was a long time ago!

This looks very good. OSW Print Instructions.pdf refers to a cheat sheet.Where can I find that?

does this help?

Hi Yochai! That like points to the printing instructions linked right above these comments (for me). In it the last line mentions a “GM sheet cheat sheet”. I don’t think I’ve seen that anywhere.





That will be very useful. Thank you!


This is a great fantasy PbtA, the rules are generally light yet every PCs can still have distinct uniqueness among each other. It's easy to understand and GM as well.

Thank you so much for making this game available to all of us, Yochai.

If you guys are looking for easy to run, fantasy PbtA suitable for short campaigns, One Shot World should be your go to.

I highly recommend this game.

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Thank you much!

May I also suggest Homebrew World by Jeremy Strandberg? It was a sort of reaction to OSW and I really love it.

I will surely check Homebrew World too Yochai. Thank you for the advice!

Apparently Mr. Jeremy Strandberg kindly provides Homebrew World for free too.

Good luck on all your projects too, Yochai. Best regards.

I love this game - thank you for bringing it into the world. It was the perfect thing for my group when our regular DM couldn't make it one day.

Question on the Wizard / Antiquarian background: "When you Cast a Spell, prepare one additional spell from your spellbook" sounds like you'll get to prepare every spell in your book during a day of adventuring - is that the intent, or have I misunderstood?


That is definitely a typo!

It should say "When you prepare a spell..."

Thanks so much!