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The Clay Shelf is a setting or adventure site for Into The Odd: Electric Bastionland, set in the Deep Country, far from Bastion.

  • Set years after the catastrophic collapse of the Presa Dam,  which flooded new and ancient cities alike.
  • The formerly glittering city of Indigo plays host to nefarious industrialists and prospectors. Something powerful lies hidden there in plain sight.
  • Flat Bandits roam the plains, infused with resources from a mysterious alliance. They have spies everywhere, though their activities haven't gone unnoticed.
  • The Justicewomen try to keep the peace, even as their numbers dwindle. 
  • Within the husk of an enormous beetle, refugees from the flood have banded together with the few remaining native Idir people to form something new.
  • In Bastion, Machineries are disappearing from the Underground, and then popping up as slave miners in the Shelf.
  • Something awful has laid waste to the Northern town of Black Spot.  Slowly but surely it is moving South, leaving carnage in its wake.

Writing by Yochai Gal

Art and layout by Roque Romero.

Submitted for the Eclectic Bastion Jam.

Printing Instructions

Print the booklet version as double-sided (short-side). The map PDF can then be printed at 90% to fold and place within the booklet!


The_Clay_Shelf.pdf 8 MB
The_Clay_Shelf_booklet.pdf 8 MB
The_Clay_Shelf_no_art.pdf 168 kB
The_Clay_Shelf_no_art_booklet.pdf 170 kB
The Clay Shelf Map.jpg 231 kB
The Clay Shelf Map.pdf 188 kB

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